Nouara Sadaoui
Director of Business Development

BioDuro-Sundidia is a global CRDMO supporting clients across Drug Discovery, Drug Substance, and Drug Product Manufacturing. We will be highlighting our drug discovery services which include chemistry, biology, DMPK (in vitro ADME and in vivo PK), pharmacology and oncology. Will have detailed information on hand for the many inflammation, immunology, and oncology animal and in vitro studies we support. We look forward to discussing all of BioDuro-Sundia’s services to support companies programs through preclinical, IND-enabling, and stages beyond.

Caitlin Parello, PhD
Associate Director Research Operations

Biomodels LLC, a preclinical CRO, conducts predictive and translational studies in the areas of cancer/cancer supportive care, inflammatory & autoimmune diseases, fibrosis, in addition to several other clinical indications. Biomodels specializes in (non-GLP) efficacy studies that optimize dose, schedule, and define mechanism of action.

Jean-Philippe Laine, PhD

VP of Business Development & Sales

Infinity Bio is a consultative Antibody Repertoire Profiling service company, leveraging a novel technology, MIPSA (Molecular Indexing of Proteins (or Peptides) by Self Assembly) developed by Dr. Ben H. Larman, a pioneer in this field. Our various antigen libraries can measure a subject’s global immune reactivity to all known human-infecting viruses, food and environmental allergens, as well as autoantibody against human proteins. Our proprietary method allows for the rapid and cost-effective content customization. Infinity Bio can design and create customer specific peptide libraries against any organisms or species of choice.

Phillip Bendele, PhD

Senior Vice President

Inotiv provides deep expertise and scientific capabilities across the discovery and continuum. We support our clients from the beginning of discovery, through investigational new drug (IND) and beyond, all with the aim of delivering a superlative experience. Combined with our long history and deep experience with supply of critical research models, including rodents, rabbits, and nonhuman primates, Inotiv is the right-sized CRO for your next project. With our dedication to attentive, decisive service, you can trust that every program is a priority. Benefit from our long and impeccable regulatory history, world-class team of scientists, and on-time quality data delivery.