Dear New or Prospective Member:

Welcome to the Inflammation Research Association, we are pleased that you have chosen or will choose to join our organization. We are eager to get to know you, to support you in your professional endeavors and to build a community dedicated to engaging and encouraging scientists, researchers, students, teachers and clinicians with an interest in inflammation biology. Our mission is to foster and facilitate a more informed, connected and collaborative community whose goal is to serve and promote scientific and technological advances towards make better therapeutic strategies for patients with inflammation-based diseases.

As a member, you will have access to a large and supportive networking community, discounted registration fees for various IRA hosted meetings and soon an interactive job postings page on our new website.  IRA is your association, so we encourage you to take full advantage of your benefits as a member in connecting with your peers to exchange key information for your career advancement, your research program and your expertise and knowledge base.

IRA is fundamentally a translational group that brings together both biotech/pharmaceutical and academic scientists in the free exchange of data and ideas meant to ultimately benefit the lives of patients with inflammatory, autoimmune and respiratory diseases. Our dynamic mix of industry, academic, government, and non-profit scientists dedicated to cutting edge inflammation research.  We offer scientific meetings with top speakers in the field, networking opportunities. As a member, you are entitled to: register at a discounted fee for the IRA International Conference held every 2 years; participate and help organize regional meetings and serve on various committees and programs.  You will also have many opportunities for networking, job postings on our new and improved IRA website and access to mentoring support tailored for your career goals.

Everything we do as part of the IRA is focused on making this a supportive, effective and informative organization. Our members benefit from, participate in, and contribute to the community in a multitude of ways. Indeed, most of us including officers and affiliates are long-term members of this organization. We all are committed to growing our organization and are putting more in so we get more out and key to this renewal is our drive to recruit new members. If you have not joined already, we urge you to do so now and together we can ensure that the IRA is around for many more years supporting a community of scientists at all levels and in all fields towards developing new therapeutic agents for the wide diversity of serious inflammation related diseases.